Hong Kong III: Deserted Islands

December 10, 2001

Today wasn’t particularly action packed, but it was good none the less. I woke up early this morning, and did a bit of reading and Game Boy playing while waiting for the other fellows to arise from slumber. I spent a bit of time wrestling images off my digital camera, but to no avail – this dang computer keeps crashing. Oh well.Most of the day was spent rowing. We had the fantastic notion that it would be a lot of fun to rent a boat and visit some islands, but we ended up with a really sketchy row boat, with 4 different sized oars, and the sorriest excuse for oar-locks I’ve ever had to deal with. It’s damn near impossible to get anywhere with 4 different sized paddles, especially when they pop out of the locks every third or fourth stroke. Never the less, we managed to cross a fair amount of water and land ourselves on a deserted island … which was so strewn with trash and tangled brambles that we couldn’t really do much there anyhow. Regardless, the spirit of adventure endured: We salvaged a kite, and hacked our way into the biomass a good distance before realizing that we weren’t *really* getting anywhere, and it wasn’t for a *really* good reason. Defeated, we turned away to frantically splash our way back across the bay (at least a mile) before night set in.

Dinner was pretty standard fare. I’m actually starting to crave miscelanious fried organ and noodle dishes now, although something always catches me off guard every time I eat. Oh, and a few of you might appreciate this: The beer of choice in lots of these little places we visit is PBR. PBR! And it’s CHEAPER than it is in the United States! Amazing!

In other news: We had a little problem getting my Chinese visa – apparently they had NO idea what “self employed” meant. Grunt. After a little negotiations on the phone, Zafirlah sorted things out … with the help of about $30. We leave on Wednesday (the 12th, I think).

Phew. Well, I’m exhausted, so I think I’m going to go watch some television and relax on the couch.


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