Introducing Project Borat

May 3, 2006

For your enjoyment, I present Project Borat1, a top secret development project here at PLANET ARGON. What is it? I can’t tell you. Who’s the client? I can’t say. What does it do? Sorry. When will we see it? Nope.

How are you building it? Ahh .. yes. That’s something I can (and will) enthusiastically talk about in the months to come.

A little background: Project Borat is a pretty big project with high expectations, a fairly tight delivery schedule, an open ended feature set, and flexible priorities. The Client has extensive startup experience, expertise in the target market, and some rather good ideas.

All told, it’s a situation remarkably well suited for discussing agile practices and The PLANET ARGON Way.

So, first things first: requirements gathering and prototyping. We need to understand what The Client wants to accomplish, and deliver some mockups demonstrating how it can be done. This is going to take several days spread over the course of two weeks.

Yesterday we kicked things off with a healthy whiteboard session, identifying most of the significant components and their interactions. The result was mostly lists with a few interface doodles to demonstrate how information could be represented. We took pictures of the whiteboard as it filled up, and the relevant information was transcribed into about a thousand words for discussion on Basecamp.

While it was evident The Client had done considerable brainstorming and exploration on their own, a couple of significant and unique new features came to light. Take experts in unrelated fields, give them a common goal and a little time .. and innovation happens.

Good stuff.

Next up: Indexing Project Borat

1 You may be asking yourself ”… Borat?” Borat is short for Borat Sagdiyev—a (fictional) Kazakh journalist who appears from time to time on Da Ali G Show. This project has nothing to do with the fine country of Kazakhstan, British television, or fake journalism.


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