Japanese Occupation Currency

July 13, 2006

More banknotes in the mail, this time a set of three bills from countries occupied by Japan in WWII — one Burman rupee, one Malayan dollar, and ten Philippine pesos. What’s interesting to me is that they’re Japanese currency, but they’re printed in English. Go figure!

Cost: $5.85, including shipping.

On a technical note, I’m borrowing a friend’s scanner to get these online, but it has some odd color banding that’s a pain the correct. Anyone care to recommend an inexpensive flatbed scanner, compatible with OS X & VueScan? Cheers!


2 Responses to “Japanese Occupation Currency”

  1. haydar biraqdar Says:

    dear sir
    i am male from iraq i amin 28 years old i have peas of counes it os one dolars itis verry old it is from years 1971 it is for sall pleas if you have any coustmars call me or email me
    hayder biraqdar

  2. This will allow me to get a handle on my trading, without a doubt. I am definitely better at giving away money than I am at getting it, and I am open to all the practical help I can get. Thank you very much!

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