Wine at

August 28, 2006

One of my first thoughts when I saw was “Oh man, this would be great way to sell wine,” and The Wife and I were scheming away until she found .. Wine Woot!

Now we have to find another way to make a bazillion dollars. Blast!


3 Responses to “Wine at”

  1. Nova Says:

    Maybe Daily Cork could be a closeout focused wine site as opposed to

    And instead of having a new wine every day, it could be different offers every day. 2 for 1 bottles. 1/2 case for half off…that way we don’t have to be on our toes as much with tasting wine every day.

    Just some thoughts…I still think there is room in the market for a different way of doing it.

  2. Russ Says:

    Wine Woot is cool but they only offer one deal per week. I prefer their daily tech offerings. is new and they have a wine every day. Have not tried it yet but looks pretty good.

  3. Peat Says:

    I’ll check out … when their server comes back online. 🙂 At the moment I’m gettin’ a blank page. Doh!

    Thanks for the recommendation …

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