Google Acquires JotSpot

October 31, 2006

I received an interesting e-mail a few minutes ago — looks like Google bought JotSpot, the company that hosts my wikis. My business more-or-less runs entirely on Google services, so hopefully this will blend right in with the rest of the tools I use on a daily basis.

Smart move.


4 Responses to “Google Acquires JotSpot”

  1. I’m just curious – why do you think Google did it? When I first read about the acquisition a few hours ago, I was having trouble fitting JotSpot into the services offered by Google. I can understand the rationale behind the YouTube acquisition, but I’m not sure I can see the benefit and the unique offering that JotSpot can bring to the table insofar as Google is concerned.

  2. Peat Says:

    I think it’s as an addition to their growing business suite. It’s a good compliment to Writely and their spreadsheet … and it fits in really well with their Google Apps for Your Domain program, which provides an umbrella of services for small businesses.

  3. That’s a pretty good insight, and I admit it rings true, now that I think about it. Techcrunch has argued that Microsoft is currently trying to redefine itself as a Web 2.0 company, so I cannot help but wonder whether Google is now trying to pull itself in preparation for the head-on confrontation with MS?

  4. Peat Says:

    They definitely want a piece of Microsoft’s action in the small business environment. With GMail and Calendar they’ve replaced 80% of what most people use Exchange for; their word processor and spread sheets aren’t anything special, but they’re super handy for sharing simple documents with other people. 🙂

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