Google Base Gets Better

November 1, 2006

Life just got a little easier.

If you upload bulk product lists for Google Base, you can now add AdWords data to the file. Which means if you’ve automated the creation of those product lists, you can automate the creation of targeted ads specifically for those products. Why is this a good thing?

Highly targeted ads are the secret to making AdWords pay off. Say, for example, your store sells jackets. If you buy an AdWords campaign for the keyword “Jacket” you’re going to drive a huge amount of traffic to your site … but how many of those visitors will actually buy the jackets you have? How many of them were looking to buy a jacket in the first place?  Not many.  With that approach to advertising, you’re going to spend a lot, and you’re not going to get much in return.

Product targeted ads are different. If you sell the North Face Denali jacket, and you buy AdWords campaigns for the keywords “north face denali jacket”, and your ad mentions that you sell the North Face Denali jacket at a good price … the majority of the people who click on your ad are going to be people who want to buy the jacket. Higher conversion rates means higher ROI, and that’s exciting for Internet retailers.

Thanks, Google, for making my life that much easier (and my customers that much happier).


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