December 29, 2006

I acquired a Wii two days ago, and now I’m sore all over.  Wow.  I haven’t been this excited about video games since the original Metroid.  Other people have written better reviews than I ever will — I just wanted to let other Wii-endowed folks know they can say “Hi!” by sending me (or the lady) a note on our console: 3402 4700 1845 3070


3 Responses to “Wii-haw!”

  1. poncho Says:

    glad to see anotha brotha on the nintendo revolution.
    DS now fool!

  2. jacob reiff Says:

    I tried to send you a message via my Wii, but apparently both parties have to register each other before you can actually send a message. I guess Nintendo’s gotta protect the children and what not, but what a hurdle.

    (2410 7465 0051 7859)

  3. Kristen Says:

    My brother, who was in Oregon for about a week from England, where he lives for now, scoured every store you can image to score a Wii. He finally found one in a Fred Meyer in Newport. They had 25 shipped to them that day, and by the time he got there they had only 8 left, so he bought 2. (One for him, one for a coworker in England.) Apparently they were harder for him to find than PS3s.

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