March 8, 2007

White-knuckle startup times are back again. We’ve received full clearance to launch Chatter Mill, and none to soon: today, we’re unveiling at the New Communication Forum in Las Vegas. I’m pretty excited about it, but I’m a little biased. We have some sparse “glossy” marketing material up on our website, but I’d be happy to talk with anyone who’s interested in how anonymous communication can make a big difference in corporate culture. Hey, we’ll even give you a demo. Just ask.


The New Communication Forum is going to be interesting — the keynote is by David Weinberger, co-author of the Cluetrain Manifesto. The schedule is chock full of podcasting, social media, blogging, and all sorts of other good stuff.

Things are getting under way. We’re all sitting together in a room, with representatives from some of the biggest companies in the world, who are keen to learn about these sorts of things, and that gives me a lot of hope.


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