Screen Door, The Restaurant

March 14, 2007

If you’re in Portland, and you’re hungry, it’s worth checking out Screen Door. Southern style, local ingredients, small mix-n-match dishes, great service, good coffee, deserts, and drinks — it’s a pretty fabulous place to go with a few close friends. It’s not spendy (or dirt cheap), but I’m pretty confident you’ll leave happy.

2337 E. Burnside.



3 Responses to “Screen Door, The Restaurant”

  1. Red beans and rice and collard greens with bacon…yummy! I recommend the “Screen Door Plate” — you get 3 of their “sides” (which include fried catfish among the choices) and a piece of cornbread. That is good stuff!

  2. AdamD Says:

    I agree, it’s good eats. Their breakfast is yum.

  3. Virginia Says:

    Some friends took me out to dinner. Now these friends are from New Orleans and new my mom was from there. So, we went to this screen door, I wanted to cry the food was so much like my mom used to make. I wish good success for this restaurant. thank you. I going back for the pecan pie next time to full to have desert this time.

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