10 Best Intranets, 2007

April 17, 2007

The Nielsen Norman Group just released their 373 page report on the 10 best intranets.

This is a particularly interesting subject, especially for web oriented startups. Why? Big businesses are always looking for better ways to connect their employees with the right resources, and are starting to spend a considerable amount of money on web based tools to make that happen. It’s no small task, but if you have a great idea and you’re willing to take on “enterprise” level support and sales processes, there’s a substantial opportunity out there.

Anyhow, Jakob Nielsen has posted a convenient overview of the report on useit.com, but for those of you who want the really quick stuff:

    • American Electric Power (AEP), United States
    • Comcast, United States
    • DaimlerChrysler AG, Germany
    • The Dow Chemical Company, United States
    • Infosys Technologies Limited, India
    • JPMorgan Chase & Co., United States
    • Microsoft Corporation, United States
    • National Geographic Society, United States
    • The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), United Kingdom
    • Volvo Group, Sweden



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