The Wii Hours

May 20, 2007

Good times were had on Saturday — I stuffed my Wii in my bag and took it to the RailsConf parties.  We hit Joyent‘s APPyhour first, but the Doubletree‘s hotel TVs didn’t have external inputs.  WTF is up with that?  When someone’s staying in a “presidential” suite, there better be an opportunity to plug in a game console.  Regardless, I did connect with three guys I’ve been talking with for a long time, but hadn’t met in person — Chris Abad and Matt Browne (Integral Impressions), and Tim Trautman (Foorama).

Rails Machine threw down at the Red Lion, giving out heaps of t-shirts and prizes (including some sweet Rails Pimp Cups).  They also had really good meatballs.  But alas, no access to plug in the Wii.

Finally, the Pivotal Labs party at the Rock Bottom proved fruitful — our kind hosts even went as far as to get us an extension cord for the big screen.  Four person drunken bowling and tennis worked out pretty well until 1:00, when everything wrapped up.

Anyhoo.  Good times.  If you’re throwing a party at a nerd conference in Portland, drop me a line and I’ll bring over some hot Wii action.


8 Responses to “The Wii Hours”

  1. brasten Says:

    We headed down to RadioShack and picked up a converter for the hotel room… it’s pretty cheap! IF you’re sticking around another night, you may consider that — it would probably come in handy in the future as well!

  2. Peat Says:

    Ahh, good call — I’ll remember that for future events!

  3. […] After party: Rock Bottom Brewery sponsored by Pivotal Labs I took the MAX light rail down to Rock Bottom with Justin Rocha to hang out and play billiards. Pivotal Labs sponsored the party and it was quite a hit. Of course, inThere was even drunken Wii bowling. […]

  4. Chris Abad Says:

    Yes drunken bowling rocks. Especially when I get to whoop on everyone else! 😉

  5. Peat Says:

    Chris — dude, you were brutal. You’d show up out of the crowd, strike, and vanish in a puff of tequila.

  6. Tim Trautmann Says:

    It was nice to finally meet you in person, Peat!

  7. Chris Abad Says:

    That’s how I roll!

  8. Matt Browne Says:

    Great seeing you last weekend. Glad you brought your Wii! I should be in PDX before the end of summers. Lets be sure to meetup again!

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