Whales, Ahoy!

June 27, 2007

Ever wondered what it’s liked to mobbed by eight hungry school buses?  Check out that photo on the right.  That’s a group of humpback whales consuming a school of fish that was previously under our boat.  I was lucky enough to be pointing my camera into the water off the bow, and they popped straight up into the frame.  The whole thing was visible for only a few seconds, but I managed to get some good shots.

Here’s a better description of what they were doing (taken from this page):

A group of Humpback whales swim rapidly in wide circles around and under a school of fish, blowing air through their blowholes. The bubbles form a visual barrier that serves to confine the school within an ever tighter area. One humpback whale or more then suddenly swim upwards and through the bubble net, mouths agape, swallowing thousands of fish in one gulp.

This is the whales coming up to the surface.  If you look closely at the bigger versions of the images, you can see the little fish, doubtlessly screaming in terror.  Click the photo to check out the full set of 7 images.


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