Japan – Ichi

August 21, 2007

When: August 21st, 5:50
Where: 35,000 feet over the Bering Sea

Holy crap. I was prepared to spend 10 hours squished between disgruntled sweaty people, but when we handed our boarding passes to the gate attendant, they said the magic words: “Peter and Nova Bakke? You’ve been upgraded!”

Oh, heavenly bliss! Business class. Hallowed ground of free flowing wine, a menu (a menu!), and lazy-boy chairs of remarkable proportions.

Anyhow. I’m a big fan of flying. I’ll go cattle class and enjoy it, so long as I have a window seat. One of the most remarkable things I’ve ever seen was on a flight over the north Atlantic. It was the middle of the night — cloudless, clear, with an extraordinarily bright full moon. The ocean was frozen, but breaking up. The ice was a brilliant silver, shattered like a broken mirror in the pitch black water, stretching off into the horizon. Just beautiful.

This time I’m in the middle row, and all I have to watch is a little TV, playing an uncensored copy of Hot Fuzz over and over again. Bonus points for showing a rather gory British comedy, complete with an abundance of amusingly coarse language. Not exactly “beautiful” … but certainly something special.


2 Responses to “Japan – Ichi”

  1. Wow, I wish flying was as romantic for me. Then again, I’ve crisscrossed the country near 50 times, so it’s getting old. My flight to India, on the other hand – simply remarkable. Virgin Atlantic serves a killer thali. Who knew? Lately, to get over the agony of airport security, hurried people, and being treated like a total idiot (I don’t think most of the airlines understand the concept of ‘User experience’ at all. The few that have seem to be the only ones making money…) I’ve been packing the guitar. Nothing like being told at security that I have to play a song to get through. I think I played ‘I shall be Free No. 10’.

  2. Peat Says:

    See, I hate airports, but I love flying. I’ve spent a lot of time in airplanes, and I can’t get enough.

    Good call on the thali. I haven’t flown Virgin, but I’m looking forward to it, now that they’ve started operations in the US …

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