September 8, 2007

It’s been a week, getting back into the swing of things.  At work we kicked off a new project for a kick ass client (Queen Bee Creations) and dropped a frustrating project (with a full refund).  We have a handful of potential clients in the incubator, and we’re working on staying in touch with everyone else (hooray for Facebook and LinkedIn).  I synced up with the two startups I’m also working with, both of which have big hairy goals, and both of which should be releasing their first public sites in the next few months.   Nova and I are prepping a joint webinar for her communication consulting biz, and we’re gathering ideas and materials for future presentations down the road.

So, I think my schedule is full right now — comfortably full, not crazy full, and that’s great.  And there’s no way I can handle all of it without the right partner.

One of the things Nova and I have worked out over the last few months is our roles in our business.  She’s very good at understanding goals and working through them, keeping in touch with clients, holding people to their word, and managing little problems before they get out of hand.  I enjoy meeting new people, getting excited about their ideas, and turning big piles of goals into workable specifications.  It turns out we compliment each other in our roles, and since we’ve embraced them, we’ve been getting a lot more done.

Anyhow.  It’s good to be back in Portland.

Happy weekend!


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