Defining Scalability

November 13, 2007

Jamie Flourney has posted an excellent article about what “scalable” means.  I’ve heard so many bad definitions it makes me want to pull my hair out, but he nails it with the statement:

Language performance does not affect whether an application scales or not. It is a coefficient to the cost of capacity.

Succinct and to the point — and perfectly accurate.


Hello, Fall

November 4, 2007

Today’s the first day in a long time that I’ve felt totally relaxed.  It was one of those “lounge about the house in your bathrobe, cook something, stroll to the store to buy some basics, cook something, take some pictures of the fall foliage, cook something, catch up on reading, cook something, have a nap with the cats, cook something, and sit back with a nice drink after cooking something”  days.

Ever had one of those?

I highly recommend it.