Ignite Wrapup, Things to Come

February 5, 2008

Wow, this Ignite Portland was fantastic — 750 enthusiastic people, a sold out crowd at the Bagdad Theater. I had a great time, and thanks to the organizers for putting together a great show.

There are a few things I’ll be doing to follow up on my presentation:

  • I’ll be putting my presentation into a video podcast, with a little more information about what it’s all about and how it’s done.
  • A bunch of people asked about doing a photo trip to some of these sites — I’m up for it, although some of the trains and sites were cleaned up or scrapped after I took my original photos.
  • For people who are interested in the subject matter, I highly encourage you to dig around on Flickr and Google, and simply drive around the industrial sections of the city. That’s where I get 99% of my leads, and half the fun is discovering things for yourself …

Anyhow. I’ll be posting more photos, videos, and other such things as I have the opportunity. I’ll be out of town for the next week or so, but I’ll see what I can pull together from the hotel!

And, to everyone I met tonight — please send me an e-mail! I’m excited to follow up on some of our discussions.

Update: I’ve posted my photos to Flickr … plus some extras!


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