Becoming a Dad

March 10, 2008


(4:00 AM, March 10) Hello everyone. Nova and I are at the hospital, and our little guy is due to arrive sometime soon. Every now and then I’m posting photos on Flickr, and small messages on Twitter (links in the sidebar). Things are good, and everyone is happy and healthy (and a little tired).

00 AM

Update (6:00 PM, March 10) – Things have slowed down a little. The boy is fine, according to the monitors. Nova has been able to sleep a little between contractions, but she’s been at it for about 40 hours now. She’s still in good spirits, though. I married her because she’s the most awesome person I know, and I this is just further evidence of the fact.

16 PM?  Popsicle Time.

Update (12:00 AM, March 11) – After 45 hours, Nova needs some downtime. She has an epidural, and she’s resting up for the big finale. On the other hand, I’ve consumed far too much bad coffee, and am haunted by the specter of old, cold pizza.

The woman down the hall from us just delivered a pair of twin girls. The maternity unit is an amazing place.


One Response to “Becoming a Dad”

  1. Brian Artiaco Says:

    Has it happened yet? The anticipation is keeling me.

    And holy moley, 45 hours of labor? Nova deserves a merit badge!


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