Twenty Twenty Twenty Four Hours Ago

March 12, 2008

Happy Dad

I’m happy to report that everyone here is quite happy and healthy, and that I’m 100% ridiculously in love with our little dude. It’s like a thunderbolt crashed through our room yesterday morning and completely rearranged our little corner of the universe. I’d gladly sever a couple of my limbs for the guy if he needed it, which is an offer that does not extend to anyone else. It’s weird and irrational and absolutely wonderful.

Some fun facts for the family and other similarly inclined folks:

* He smells good. Seriously. It’s kind of a funny, sweet smell. I can’t get enough of it. I feel like some sort of weird addict — a baby huffer of sorts.

* When he was born, he came out sideways, with a pretty awesome and lopsided cone head. I have pictures. They will be shared. He also has quite the bruise on his head from being positioned funny on the way out. The docs say things will round out and heal up just fine, though.

* He’s very alert, but quiet. He had his first good cry last night, but otherwise he enjoys looking around, snuffling, sighing, and smacking his lips.

* He’s eating well. Pretty enthusiastic about the whole process, so no problems there.

* All that advice about sleeping? Yeah, we get it now!

* We’ll be discharged on Thursday morning. Today we’re just resting and visiting with friends and family.

* Elliott posted a couple more thoughts on his blog. He seems to be into it.

Our deepest gratitude to everyone who’s visited, called, e-mailed, or commented here on the blog. It’s wonderful to have such a supportive community, virtual and otherwise!


4 Responses to “Twenty Twenty Twenty Four Hours Ago”

  1. Kram Says:

    Dear Baby Huffer,


    Now where’s my cigar?

    We met at dinner a few Fridays ago.

  2. Joanna Says:

    Now that is a precious picture!

    Congratulations to you both, Peat and Nova! Here’s to hoping Elliott will be our youngest attendee at Ignite 3. 🙂

  3. Yeah the baby smell is something I can still do for hours and get that “daddy high” from.
    Looking at the picture of you two it makes me realize that the “exhausted look” only works on parents since it’s nicely coupled with really ridiculous amounts of happiness.

    Looking forward to seeing more pics!

  4. thisKat Says:

    Oh, yes, baby smell. Oh, to have that back again. You’ll mourn a little when your kid gets that sweaty, sour little human smell. 😉

    Glad you know about the sleep. I was biting my tongue, so to speak. It’s one of those things you figure out eventually.

    Love the photos. You’ve really captured that newborn experience.

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