Greetings! I’m Peat, and I do a considerable amount of consulting and contracting with web oriented startups. I’m a geek, a photographer, a speaker, an entrepreneur, an author, and a collector of odd hobbies.

I’ve worked with several start-up companies, providing project management and development for sophisticated web applications, including social travel sites, community blogging tools, scalable 1M+ hit/day clusters, media distribution tools, and business process management systems. Amongst other things.

You’re welcome to check out my LinkedIn professional profile, scope my Facebook profile, send me an e-mail (, or give me a call at (503) 701-4135.

When I’m not working I enjoy travelling, photography, and collecting paper money. I also hang out with the Portland Ruby Brigade, the Portland Web Innovators, partake in Legion of Tech events (BarCamp, Ignite), and have been known to participate seasonal board sports (snow, surf, and skate).  I also have a rather long standing fascination with rocketry.

I currently live in Portland, Oregon with The Wife, two cats, and a particularly wonderful baby boy.


2 Responses to “About Peat”

  1. Given the choices out there, why did you select Ruby?

    Actually, I’m just checking in. How’re things in your life? Seems sort of organized from this perpective. Talkng with Alex a bit. Looks like the PhD might begin. For my part, I’m looking at a June 30, 2007 retirement. Alex mentioned your dad’s interest in sailing. I share that and am interested in whether he has need of crew or whatnot. Anyway,I haven’t heard from you all in a while. That should be rectified. What are you up to aside from what I can see at this site, What your doing as revealed here is facinating though and I’d be enthrallled with more detail. All for now.


  2. […] Peat Bakke of Blue Hill Solutions and Adam DuVander may have a solution: a co-op that supports the business-services needs of small and independent technology developers in the Portland area. There are lots of independent software developers and consultants in the Portland area, and while the technologies and applications vary wildly, there are probably some very common frustrations that could be aided under a co-op structure. […]

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