Container Buildings

April 8, 2007

Container House, from

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It turns out someone down the street has one of those PODS. We’re moving within the next month or so, and it occurred to us that having one of those big white boxes parked in front of our house for the next few weeks is going to make our lives a lot easier when it comes time to move. We can pack at our convenience (not frantically on moving day), and have it trucked over to our new house … whenever. Pretty cool. And cheaper than movers.

But it also reminded me of something else: shipping container architecture.

This stuff is brilliant. Mix standard shipping containers with a bit of creativity, and you have extremely sturdy and pretty sweet looking buildings.

LOT-EK has some of the best conceptual examples of how shipping containers can be used to build interesting houses, offices, and other such things. has a gallery of builders and designs for structures built from shipping containers. Container City has descriptions and photos of real world projects. has some great designs.

Very, very cool. Anyone know if any container structures here in Portland?

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