The Wii Hours

May 20, 2007

Good times were had on Saturday — I stuffed my Wii in my bag and took it to the RailsConf parties.  We hit Joyent‘s APPyhour first, but the Doubletree‘s hotel TVs didn’t have external inputs.  WTF is up with that?  When someone’s staying in a “presidential” suite, there better be an opportunity to plug in a game console.  Regardless, I did connect with three guys I’ve been talking with for a long time, but hadn’t met in person — Chris Abad and Matt Browne (Integral Impressions), and Tim Trautman (Foorama).

Rails Machine threw down at the Red Lion, giving out heaps of t-shirts and prizes (including some sweet Rails Pimp Cups).  They also had really good meatballs.  But alas, no access to plug in the Wii.

Finally, the Pivotal Labs party at the Rock Bottom proved fruitful — our kind hosts even went as far as to get us an extension cord for the big screen.  Four person drunken bowling and tennis worked out pretty well until 1:00, when everything wrapped up.

Anyhoo.  Good times.  If you’re throwing a party at a nerd conference in Portland, drop me a line and I’ll bring over some hot Wii action.


With RailsConf in town this week, it’s a good time to mention that Blue Hill Solutions is looking for a Sr. Web Developer.

Specifically, we’re looking for an organized Rails guru who enjoys coaching others, and can step up to a leadership role in our development group.   We want a well rounded individual with at least ten years of software development behind them — bonus points for experience with e-commerce, scalable architecture, interface design, testing, and application deployment.

This is a salaried position, with aggressive bonuses, perks, and full health + dental coverage.  Our office is located in a trendy neighborhood in north Portland, with easy access to downtown, great accessibility via public transit, and within walking distance of a variety of good restaurants and coffee shops.  Although we don’t pay for relocation costs, we’re more than happy to talk with developers from other parts of the country!

Blue Hill Solutions is a start-up with a variety of web-based products, including intranet communication tools and  an evolving e-commerce platform.

Sound appealing?  Send an e-mail to with your resume and a description about why you think you might be a good fit.

Joyent Party

May 16, 2007

You know you’re having a good time when:

  • Pitchers of beer outnumber the glasses on the tables.
  • It’s standing room only.
  • The accordion player covers Billy Idol and Guns n’ Roses.
  • It’s nerds, nerds, nerds, nerds!

Joyent came to town for RailsConf and put together a “little” get together at the Lucky Lab tonight. It’s a good time reconnecting with friends, meeting new people from around the country, drinking beer, and getting our geek on. So, cheers to Joyent for sponsoring the copious consumption and bringing people together.

A couple unrelated tidbits:  Joyent has some pretty exciting news to be announced at RailsConf … and (“the MP3 eating rabbit”) has made a lot of progress in the last few months — it’s a pretty kick ass way to find and listen to new music. Check it out.